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Our Quality

  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • All Weather Billiards Pool Table Construction
  • Fabricator uses precision jigs
  • Each table is hand-inspected for consistent quality
  • Each 3-piece slate is custom-fitted for perfect installation
  • Notice weather-proof cue storage rack conveniently located underneath table
  • Router manufactured rails waiting for powder coat
  • Hand-covered bumpers with Original Sunbrella fabric - Pacific Blue is shown.
  • Our proprietary six-piece rail system allows for easy repairs in the event of damage - unibody rail system must be replaced in its entirety

  • Our tables are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and all our top rails are made from custom alloy extrusions using 6061 heat treated rails we have the absolute strongest rail components of any pool table made!
  • Our tables are made entirely on a precision jig made specifically for our tables
  • All welding is made by precision heli-arc welders mig and tig commonly used in the manufacturing of marine and aircraft components
  • Exterior finish is environmentally safe electro-static heat baked to 400+ degrees to provide a durable finish able to withstand the elements and the rigors of every day pool playing
  • We use precision measured diamond sites
  • We use all stainless steel fasteners
  • We use imported slate beds sealed
  • We use k-66 master speed tournament grade rubber bumper cushions sealed for years of use in any weather condition
  • Rail to ball contact points are equal to professional pool tables used in sanctioned professional billiard events
  • Play surface and rail cushion cloth (felt) is made for outdoor use by "Sunbrella" a cloth manufactured specifically for outdoor use on furniture, marine and commercial use
  • Full 6 inch adjustable leg levelers specifically designed to allow leveling on nearly any surface
  • Patented (pending) slate level maintenance system used to correct any deviation in conformity within thousandths of an inch
  • Our tables can easily be cared for by simply washing with mild soap and water let dry and play pool!
  • We use precision alloy castings specifically made to our specifications to make our tables as much performance as great looking.


We service Collier, Lee, Dade, and Broward counties in Florida. If you have a table that requires service outside these areas, let us know. We do have relationships with installers and billiards companies around the country.

Moving a table

If you have decided you would like to move your table, we strongly recommend that you hire professionals to help you. Most quality tables are made with slate which means that they are heavy and leveled to perfection. Just picking up the table and moving can ruin the playability of the table.

Recovering fabric

We can recover your table and rails.


Q: Can these tables really get rained on and then played on?
A: Absolutely! After it rains, let the surface dry and rack em! Or you can by a soft squeegee and run over surface and then play

Q: How long will it take to get my table after I order it?
A: After you order and we have received your deposit, you should get your table within 3 weeks

Q: How heavy is the table? Is it safe for my wood deck?
A: Depending on the size, the table weight will vary from 600lbs. to 800lbs. and should be fine on most decks.

Q: Do these tables really play like a regular, indoor table?
A: Yes! These tables are handcrafted with the best materials (see Pool Table Construction) and made by pool players for pool players. All tables are regulation size and tournament ready.

Q: How do I take care of the table?
A: You can simply use soap and water and a soft cloth on the table and a brush on the fabric to keep the table clean. Your table will come with a cover as well.

Q: Can I move the table once it is installed?
A: These table all come with 3 pieces of fitted slate which ensure the smooth even play of the table. Moving the table without removing and re-leveling the slate is not suggested. We recommend that you have a professional installer come and remove rails and slate before moving.

Q: Can I update the fabric or change the colors of my fabric if I want, in the future?
A: Yes! Call us and we can order fabric for you as well as re-do your rails/bumpers.

Q: Should I keep my table covered?
A: Keeping your table covered is not necessary however if you choose to keep your table covered, only cover the table when it is dry, thus not trapping moisture. We recommend using an insert if you will have the table covered long periods of time. This reduces the risk of moisture collecting under the cover which, in some locations can cause mildew.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: Yes. In fact, best in the business. Our lifetime warrantee for the fabricated structure of the table is yours as long as YOU own it. We also have a “bumper to bumper” warranty that is yours for 3 years. Some items on your table are consumables (fabric, bumpers, rails finishes). Depending on use and climate conditions, these items will need to be serviced typically every 5-7 years.

Q: What does my table come with?
A: Your table is game ready when you receive it! We include sticks (2), balls, standard cover, bridge, triangle, and chalk.


Privacy: Customer contact information is stored for recording purposes - you can opt out of this at any time. Refund/Return/Cancellation: Since all orders are custom-produced based on your individual choices. There are no refunds on customer orders accepted with deposit. Security: Customer credit card information is fully encrypted and not stored on any local server. Shipping: We can ship to virtually any address in the world. When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items, estimated production time and the shipping options you choose. Depending on the shipping provider, shipping date estimates may appear on invoice or quote. Shipping costs based on destination location, products ordered, weights and demensions. 25: Shipping Rates: Shipping rates for most items we sell are weight-based. Packages shipped are weighed by carrier at time of shipping for assure accuracy. To reflect the policies of the shipping companies we use, all weights will be rounded up to the next full pound.

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